Preparing for Awesome Opportunities

Awesome Opportunities

If I had a student that was looking to start school, I would choose LISD for two reasons: safety and consistency.

I had such a good experience in LISD schools that I brought my children into LISD schools.

This district has bent over backward to make sure that they have opportunities to succeed.

It just provided a great opportunity for me to get experience in high school that led to getting jobs throughout college as well as moving on to my career that I’m in right now.

One you got State of the Art Academic Facilities, Fine Arts facilities, Athletic facilities, and on top of that, there’s a couple of career centers here that offer courses that, frankly, I think a lot of other districts in Texas can’t offer.

Ultimately, I would say that the one thing that remained consistent from elementary to middle to high school was the focus on your studies and putting in the work outside of the classroom.  If that hadn’t been instilled in me from early on, I don’t think I would have been able to enter into one of the most difficult degree programs the University of Oklahoma has to offer and the number one bachelors of science degree program in the nation