Why LISD Is The Best Choice


From a centuries-old legacy of excellence, to innovative award-winning academic programs, here are some of the top reasons why Lewisville ISD is the best choice for your child’s future.


  • Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged each day.
  • Uninhibited learning depends on a safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible environment.
  • An educated citizenry is essential for equal opportunity and a prosperous society.
  • Meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving today are necessary for students to be equipped for future challenges.
  • Genuine transformation requires disruptive innovation.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the community.
Best Schools In Texas For Education
Science teacher demonstrating how to use microscope

#10 Esteemed Certified
& Advanced-Degreed Teachers

Not only are ALL of our teachers certified and hold bachelor’s degrees, but 27 percent of them also have master’s degrees with 33 percent of them having more than 10 years of education experience.

#9 Leaders of Innovation

With flexible learning spaces providing students with unique and enriching environments that suit their needs, LISD focuses on the future-readiness of every student through real innovation and limitless opportunities.

Caring teacher shows students a book
Group of diverse millennials volunteering in local park by picking up garbage

#8 Community Involvement

Something special happens when local schools and the communities they serve interact together: real-world learning through activities that are relevant and meaningful for every student.

#7 World-Class Career Centers

Serving approximately 10,000 students district-wide per school year, the Career & Technical Education courses that Lewisville ISD offers at the high school campuses and secondary campuses give students a rich learning experience grounded in real-world applications and settings.

student mechanic learning to align car wheel
Four schoolboys playing soccer in the park

#6 Student Wellness Programs

In Lewisville ISD, the whole child is at the core of everything we do as a district, including our students’ mental, emotional and physical health.

#5 Exceptional Academies & Programs

In Lewisville ISD, students have several different programs and academies to choose from. Starting at ages three and four, families can apply for the Discovery Academy, a tuition-based pre-kindergarten program currently offered at a handful of campuses where students are met with enriched academics, early STEM, music and fine arts.

Two teenage girls playing the violin on stage
middle school student dreams about graduation

#4 Career & College Prep

Lewisville ISD’s vision is simple: All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create. With a graduation rate of more than 97%, LISD students are heading into the real world with valuable experiences.

#3 Nationally-Recognized Programs

Since LISD spans 127-square miles and serving 13 municipalities, there are a multitude of accomplishments being made by our students daily within our boundaries. But our students have their sights set on achievements far beyond LISD, including the State of Texas and even the nation.

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Young elementary student writing in class

#2 Proven Academic Excellence

Year after year, Lewisville ISD students continue to score high amongst their peers when it comes to STAAR testing, ACT and SAT tests, and a multitude of academic UIL competitions.

#1 Powerful Legacy Since the Late 1800s

In 1877, funds were allocated for the public school that would later become Lewisville Independent School District. Since then, the students, staff and community of LISD have worked hard to instill decade-long traditions into the great education we offer.

Why LISD Is The Best Choice

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