LISD loves our area Realtors, and wants to provide them with everything possible to help them be successful. We believe that the school district question plays a huge role in the home buying decision making process and it is the desire of LISD to help provide updated information that can be used as effective closing tools. We are currently in the process of providing four major steps toward this goal, with two of the four already completed.

Laptop depicting realtor information portal on LISD website.

Provide a Realtor portal on the new and improved website, at LISD.NET/REALTOR. This landing page provides Realtors with updated Campus Profiles, a School Locator, Attendance Zones, Talking Points, and much more.

LISD realtor information booklet covers

To make the process even simpler by compiling all of these profiles into a single spiral bound book for agents to conveniently have ready to answer some of the most detailed school campus questions asked of them, or to leave with a potential client if desired.  This book will also contain a QR code in which users can scan and be linked directly to the LISD Realtor Portal for instant updated information.  If you are a Realtor and would like a Campus Profile book, please email [email protected] with your request.

For those agents who wish to replicate this book, it was specially designed to include a Realtors logo on the back cover.  LISD has set forth the following procedures for this process.

  1. Send us your desired logo.
  2. We will place your logo on a template of the back cover and provide an attachment of the page that is print ready.
  3. You will then forward this along with a link that we provide to your printer.
  4. If you would rather print these documents yourself, visit LISD.NET/REALTOR and download the files you need.
  5. We will also attach your personalized back cover should you choose to print these off yourself.
Realtor reading information on LISD real estate portal on her tablet device.

To provide quarterly digital information updates to a prepared Realtor/Relocation Specialist database.

STEP 4 – Coming Soon
To provide seminar style presentations twice annually featuring LISD executives who will provide up to date news and information on school district topics that are important in the home buying and relocating process.