Lewisville ISD LEADS the State and Nation
in many important educational areas.

We have shown year after year that LISD is a true leader in providing the very best education and educational environment for our students.  From our high percentage of teachers with advanced degrees, to our above State and National test scores, to our policy of having a registered nurse on every campus, to our near 60 State championship achievements for Performing Arts and Athletics, to leading our community through a world-wide pandemic including the distribution of more than 315,000 free meals (to date) to our students and families in need, and so many more outstanding statistics.

LISD Care to Lead Connecting Families, Teachers, & Growing Minds. LISD is stronger than every, positioned for progress and redefining learning to be best in education for our families.
LISD Care to Lead Leading Families, Together as one. LISD is here for you. We are positioned for progress, redefining continuous learning for these trying times.
LISD Care to Lead Redefining Test Preparation. LISD was and continues to be ready! Teacher communication, available technology, and safety of our students will always be our #1 priority, no matter what tests come our way.
LISD Care to Lead a lesson plan for every situation. LISD is learning so you can keep learning. We can all stand together for peace of mind and rise stronger than ever before.
Teacher instructing elementary school classroom with children at desks
Father helping young daughter with homework. LISD is here for you. Leading together, even while apart.
Thinking outside the box. Follow LISD's lead in forging ahead. Offering in-person learning, virtual learning, and virtual plus.
Think outside the box: a new bubble of thought. Follow our lead at LISD and customize your child's education. Offering in-person learning, virtual learning, and virtual plus.
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