One Good Deed Deserves Another

by Art Young

After talk-show host, Drew Barrymore introduced her viewers to the story of the “Good Deed” Grocery Store that opened in the Linda Tutt High School in Sanger, Texas, Principal Charde Mockery of DeLay Middle School in the Lewisville Independent School District knew this concept would be a great addition to her school’s mission. Drew was delighted to learn that one good deed, led to another.

They Don’t Accept Money at the Good Deed Grocery Store

The concept of the Good Deed Grocery is simple. It’s a grocery store, located within the walls of the school, where students can buy fresh, healthy food for themselves and their families. The unique twist involves the payment for these goods. Students earn points for exceeding expectations in the classroom, positive mentoring of other students, being a good friend to classmates and other “good deeds.”

“This is a lofty way to bring out the best in students,” Drew said on her show. “I believe the possibilities for improving the lives of every student with this program are endless! I was overjoyed to learn that the original Good Deed grocery had spawned another store in Lewisville.”

This gave Drew the opportunity for an inspirational follow-up story. She also used this to do a few good deeds herself.

A Passion for ALL Students

Principal Dockery is among the best and the brightest of the LISD teachers and administrators.

“About 90 percent of our students are economically disadvantaged,” she said. “Most don’t have access to fresh food and rely on our school district for lower cost or free food for lunch. Their neighborhoods are often stressful and there is little time for learning about kindness, leadership and other critical aspects to becoming a successful adult.”

Ms. Dockery, who saw the original “Drew Gooders” feature, which introduced the concept of the Good Deed Grocery, and she knew that this could dramatically impact her kids and their parents. With help and encouragement from the LISD leadership, she opened a Good Deed grocery in Delay Middle School.

But Wait. There’s More.

Like all good stories, this one has a fabulous ending.

After interviewing principal Dockery, Drew introduced Catherine Oliveros, the vice-president of Community Health Improvement at Texas Health Resources, one of the largest healthcare systems in North Texas.

To the surprise and delight of the studio audience, millions who were watching and the forward-thinking LISD principal, Ms. Oliveros announced that the healthcare system, in partnership with Albertson’s food stores, would donate $30,000 to the Good Deed store. While the crowd was still applauding, Drew announced that one of the show’s sponsors, “Omaha Steaks,” would also donate another $10,000 to the store and supply $4,000 worth of steak snacks to the students.

Public schools like Delay Middle School have the resources and mission to teach the “entire” student. Exemplary academics are critical to the future success of students and so too are lessons in kindness. Congratulations to principal Dockery for being a steward of both!

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